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Ancient Pyra…Remove all cards from the pyramid before your deck is empty or you run out of time. You can remove any card 1 step higher or lower than your open fundation card. For example, you can connect 4 to 3 or to 5, but not to 6. Ace, depending on situation, counts as 1 or 13 and can be connected to 2 or the king. You have 1 wild card you can use at any time. If the card can be removed, it will be highlighted with the mouse cursor. Click on the cards you want to remove. You can remove any card 1 step higher or lower than your open fundation card.
Ancient Pyramid (2.08 MiB)
  • (1)
Gespielt: 3-mal
Rekorde 5.871  Mamabär
Mo 8. Jul 2013, 21:58
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Barney Blind…How far can you launch the bloody rag? Lanuch the rag far as you can!
Barney Blinddarm (241.48 KiB)
  • (1)
Gespielt: 5-mal
Rekorde 214,91  Papabär
Mi 10. Jul 2013, 20:55
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Bejeweled 2 …Play the sequel to the hit puzzle game Bejeweled.
Bejeweled 2 Action (2.3 MiB)
  • (0)
Gespielt: 1-mal
Rekorde 144.800  Papabär
Do 11. Jul 2013, 21:43
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Bejeweled 3The 3. Part of the famouse Game Series. Swap adjacent gems to make sets of 3 or more.
Bejeweled 3 (5.67 MiB)
  • (0)
Gespielt: 3-mal
Rekorde 104.250  Mamabär
Di 9. Jul 2013, 14:45
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Bejeweled Bl…Play the sequel to the classic gem-swapping puzzler!
Bejeweled Blitz (2.94 MiB)
  • (0)
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BlastermanLike Bomberman but with a Zelda-type view!
Blasterman (601.21 KiB)
  • (0)
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Bomber Man Blow up your opponents before they kill you. You only have 2 minutes to do this so don't hang around.
Bomber Man (138.08 KiB)
  • (0)
Gespielt: 1-mal
Rekorde 135.000  Sugardaddy
So 21. Jul 2013, 10:18
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JumpTry to get across the water by jumping from boat to boat. For bigger boats jump on the flashing platforms. Small boats will sink if you stand on them for too long!
Jump (1.18 MiB)
  • (0)
Gespielt: 1-mal
Rekorde 2  Papabär
Do 26. Sep 2013, 22:20
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Jump Challen…Jump by bouncing on the people for as high as you can.
Jump Challenge (944.66 KiB)
  • (0)
Gespielt: 1-mal
Rekorde 1.378  Laktor
Mi 31. Jul 2013, 23:18
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Jump GirlJump for as fast as you can before the flood gets higher and higher.
Jump Girl (476.42 KiB)
  • (0)
Gespielt: 1-mal
Rekorde 146  Laktor
Mi 31. Jul 2013, 23:19
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